Details Of Professional Experience

1990-Present: Independent Software Consultant/Owner
  • Designed and implemented many public websites. See our Showcase.
  • Designed an implemented many inward-facing websites for Steven Feuerstein and Associates.
  • Designed and implemented a complex, Pocket-PC™-based application for use in the area of healthcare delivery.  This unique application implemented newly trademarked technologies and methods for use in this socially useful market space.
  • Designed an implemented a generalized, web-based newsletter creation and distribution application.  List owners can create and maintain subsription lists.  Each list can have many newsletters, and each newsletter can have many issues.  Each issue can be edited and previewed online, and then sent to the subscribers at the push of a button.
  • Designed and implemented an Idea Collector for Oracle PL/SQL Programming, which allows users to suggest new ideas, comment on others' ideas, and vote on ideas.
  • Designed and implemented a CMS-based web site for Not In My Name (NIMN) using MovableType™.
  • Assisted in the implementation of a CMS-based web site for Rebuilding Alliances using MovableType™.
  • Designed and implemented a web site for Jewish Council for Youth Services, which allows staff in distributed offices to manage content specific to their locations. FogCreek Software's CityDesk™ was used in non-traditional ways and combined with PHP to provide a simple, consistent interface for all users, irrespective of location.  The users can easily present traditional web pages as well as PDF and other documents to the visitors of their web site.
  • Designed and implemented online course registration forms for PLSolutions, a top-name provider of Oracle PL/SQL training.
  • Designed and implemeted several hand-coded web sites for a non-profit organizations, utilizing CSS, DHTML, and PHP.
  • Provided Vignette StoryServer™ consulting services to a large financial analysis house.
  • Provided Vignette StoryServer™ consulting services to a major encyclopedia publisher.
  • Provided Vignette StoryServer™ consulting services to a major newspaper.
  • Provided Vignette StoryServer™ consulting services to a large medical association.
  • Provided Rdb/VMS tuning, systems analysis, and programming services to a large pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  • Designed and built a medium-sized database maintenance system (using DELPHI) for a non-profit organization.
  • Provided database design, module-level design, and coding services to a Fortune 100 computer hardware and software manufacturer.
  • Designed and helped to implement a medium sized database system using Paradox and ObjectPAL for a non-profit organization.
  • Provided Rdb/VMS tuning services to two major steel manufacturers.
  • Provided systems analysis & relational database design services to a major telecommunications firm.
  • Provided software-porting services to a large brokerage house.
  • Provided systems analysis and programming service to an environmental monitoring laboratory.
  • Provided system analysis, requirements gathering and design services to a large pharmaceutical manufacturer that undertook a new LIMS development.
1984-1990: Digital Equipment Corporation - Principal Specialist
  • Team leader during 8-month custom software development for a shipping and transportation division of a large hospital supply company.
  • Provided technical assistance, training, software design, and software implementation for a company that transports natural gas across North America via pipelines. The area of focus was on archiving the datathat were collected in 'real-time', as well as providing 'front-line' support for VAX/VMS and the VAX/VMS software development environment.
  • Team leader during 6-month initial phase of a large software project that automated the paperwork involved in the manufacture of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Standard batch processing, with strict adherence to good manufacturing practices, were automated; this included the maintenance of Standard Operating Procedures, Manufacturing Instructions, Work Order processing, Warehouse activity, and Lot Tracing.
  • Project leader during 12-month secondary phase of the project described immediately above.
  • System Architect for 18-month software project that automated the paperwork involved in the warehousing and dispensing of chemicals to manufacturing.
  • System Architect and project leader for 8-month effort that developed a Functional Specification to automate the paperwork involved in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals via genetic engineering. The primary focus was on establishing techniques that adhered to good manufacturing practices, and included the development of new Work Order processing methods.
  • Database Architect and team leader during 10-month project for a major steel company. The project included the scheduling of mill activity and the storage of massive amounts of data that were collected from the mill. The database was designed to support the efficient generation of specific reports without severely impacting the simultaneous collection of mill data.

Work History

Independent Software Consultant/Owner
Systems by Design of Illinois, Ltd.
Associate Specialist - Principal Specialist
Digital Equipment Corporation


MLS (1984)
Graduate Library School, University of Chicago
BA (1977)
Carleton College, Northfield, MN (Biology)
HS (1972)
University of Chicago Laboratory Schools
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